Gaia x GTFO = Discounted GPS!


Map up for hunting season with Gaia GPS

 With big and small game seasons right around the corner, hopefully you've already been e-scouting through the summer.  But if it's just now hitting you that locating a secluded spot of public land to find your archery deer or measuring out a quarter mile from the closest house so you can legally pop doves, then check out Gaia GPS premium for fantastic hunt maps including layers like public and private land, current and historical wildfire data, US Forest Service roads and trails, USGS streamflow data, and numerous other layers that will make you a more effective hunter and fisher.  And when your season is over it'll help you find hiking and biking trails or campsites to visit with the family.

Subscribe here for 20% off a premium subscription--$32 for the year--for these map layers and more.   This gives access to nationwide hunt unit maps, of which there are currently 253 (not including all the special feature maps)  

Here's an example of a set of layers I used to find dove hunting spots in Yuma.  1--Public land layer to find spots where trespassing wouldn't be an issue; 2--Outdoors layer to better highlight water sources, and 3--Satellite with labels to find farmland and roads to really zero in on prime public property that's accessible.  You can customize how transparent each layer is; sometimes that's handy to really make the water pop out, for example.  Use the measurement feature to keep yourself away from occupied structures.

When you're done and want to blow off some steam, they've got you covered with hiking suggestions and even trail maps of ski resorts.

This is easily my favorite mapping service and I use it all the time for almost everything.  Hunting, fishing, biking, hiking, backpacking.  Easily one of the smartest uses of $32 I can come up with.  Subscribe now.


Gaia x GTFO = Discounted GPS!


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